Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I guess that there’s no secret that I’m a bit shoe-mad. I love buying shoes and have long lamented that it’s so hard to find shoes that are fun. I don’t know how it looks in other countries than Sweden, but I find that if a certain style is modern, then it’s very hard to find other types. So despite my love for footwear, there can sometimes takes a very long time between purchases, simply because I don’t like a certain fashion. Online shopping has helped there. I’m lucky in my feet, they are neither narrow no broad, so it’s easy for me to find shoes that fits. And now I’ve found a place, thanks to Moderarkivet where you can actually design your own shoe. Guess what I’ve been playing with lately…Anyways, it’s called Shoes of Prey and the shoes aren’t that super expensive I thought they would be. I could definitely work a purchase into my budget and I’m rather tempted… Anyone who knows anything about the quality?


The Dreamstress said...

I know some Kiwi's who have ordered them (they are over in Australia). The quality is quite good from what I have heard/seen. At least here in NZ you can return them if the quality isn't up to scratch. I'm not sure if that is true if they send them all the way to Europe.

That said, they just don't do it for me. All their shape and heel options are so boring. The only exciting parts are the fabrics. I'm hugely about the overall profile, so (luckily!) am not tempted to order from them.

Isis said...

Thanks Dreamstress! That's good to know! I agree that the shape aviable is very basic, but luckily I like the shape of pumps with round toes as well as more quirky shapes, so I can find soemthing I like. One can hope they will get more options in time.

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