18th century beauty

Apart from sewing and interest in the history of fashion, I also have an interest in makeup history, especially the 18th century. I occasionally hold a lecture on the subject for the Society of Gustafs Skål. This page collects links on the subject, both my own posts and others. I will add links as I find them- please, if you have a link you think should be included, tell me!

Articles from this blog

White skin and powdered hair 18th century beauty and makeup ideals.

The 18th century me An 18th century makeup made with as period correct makeup as possible.

More 18th century makeup An 18th century makeup with modern makeup.

A review on Ageless Artifice Ageless Artifice is a company that make beauty products after old recipes. This post is a review on their 18th century collection.

An 18th century hair tutorial A brief tutorial for a higher hairstyle.

Links to elsewhere

Assistants of Beauty, Cosmetics in the Rococo and Empire Eras An overview over makeup used.

Classic Georgian Hairstyle A very nice tutorial.

Hair In German, but the hairstyles often have step by step illustrations. Taken from a later book, so the techniques used may not be 18th century.

The Toilet of Flora A whole 18th century book with various beauty recipes.

Women’s Hairstyles & Cosmetics of the 18th Century: France & England, 1750-1790 An excellent article from Démodé.
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