Monday 11 May 2015

Social media and the myth of perfection

Wearing History posted about media and social perfection recently. It's easy to think that those who post beautiful pictures lives life that are constantly perfect, so she gave us a challenge:

Do a blog post, gathering images from your blog, Facebook, and Instagram feed and share what was REALLY going on.  You don’t have to go into detail.  But let’s just take a moment to be raw and open and honest so that we can connect on a less-than-glossy level.
I tend to avoid the cameras when things are bad, but I have a few.
Deep inside an untreated depression.
Unemployed and dealing with the aftermath of divorce and depression.

One month into an unusual kind of pneumonia. It too seven months Before I got a diagnosis and spent all that time short of breath, coughing, fatigued and with odd temperature spikes.
Several months into the same pneumonia.

Sveltering heat.

Reeling from the shock of the unexpected death of a realtive.

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