Thursday, 8 April 2010

The 17th century in pictures

Still packing away for the move, still not sewing much. Still thinking a lit of the 17th century, so here are some pictures that I really like from the first half of it.

1605. Her collar!

Around 1609. I’ve always like this one, not so much because I find the clothes pretty, but because they look so nice.

Impossibly low-cut gowns around 1615.



Love this hat! Ca 1625.



She has bangs!


Anonymous said...

That first one - the collar! Wow! Amazing! I also really love the folded over tab-type bits at the tops of her sleeves/on her shoulders.

The second pic of the couple is really charming - they look like someone's taken a snap of them while they're on a picnic! Her hat is also pretty impressive.

I LOLed at the impossible necklines! And that 1625 hat is so pretty - I love that style.

From what I can see of the 1633 one, it'd probably be quite nice if you got rid of the big collar/cuffs combo and made it in a slightly less harsh colour. I like the little belt with the cockade/rossette thing on this picture and the last one.

Isis said...

It must have been a nightmare to maintain!

I think they look like they are very much in love. :-)

I've seen plenty of paintings with a belt with a cockade. It must have been a popular style.

The Dreamstress said...

Ooh, love the jacket in the second pic! Most of the early ones still look too 16thc / Ren Faire for my taste :-P

Madame Berg said...

Still not convinced! :D

But some of them are very good-looking, an a very bombastic, majestic way! And black - can't say no to black!

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