Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014

I jump on the bandwagon and will try Dreamstress The Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 again. I loved the idea last year, but I found that my focus on finishing my old UFO's didn't mesh well with the challenges. I simply didn't want to add new projects if not completely necessary. I also found the cut off date of 1938 restricting as a lot of my sewing is for the 40's wardrobe buidling project. This year, however, my UFO's are drastically less and the cut off date has been moved to 1945, which really opnes up the challnges for my. As there will be two every month I don't think I will fulfill all, but I will try to do as many as possible.

The challenges so far:

  • #1: Make Do & Menddue Wed 15 Jan. Let’s start of the year with a clean slate, and with a bit of a tidy up. Use this challenge as an opportunity to get your historical wardrobe in order by fixing any little bits that have worn out and gone wrong. Alternatively, you could focus on the historical precedent of making-do by re-making something into a historical garments, whether it be a bodice from a worn-out skirt, a chemise from old sheets, a bosom-friend from an old cardigan, or a new historical hat from an old modern one etc. Finally, you could just those people who had to make-do by making something for a historical character who would have scrimped and saved and re-made and mended until the fabric entirely fell apart.

  • I will skip this one because I honestly don't know what to do. I have nothing in need of mending and nothing to re-do of something old.

  • #2: Innovation - due Sat 1 Feb. To celebrate the way inventions, introductions and discoveries have impacted fashion, make an item that reflects the newest innovations in your era. Be sure to share the research you did on your innovation, as well as your finished item.

  • Another one I will skip, becasue I have no idea what to do. I have a rather long list of projects that I want to do, but none that I think will fit in and I don't want to make something up just because.

  • #3: Pink - due Sat 15 Feb. Make something pink!

  • I will make an early 40's pink tartan beret.

  • #4: Under it All – due Sat 1 March. Make the foundations of your outfit: the things that go under it to provide the right shape and support, and to protect your fancy outer garments from sweat and grime

  • A pair of brown back-laced stays that I cut out Autumn 2012. Something from my UFO pile, in other words.

  • #5: Bodice - Make a bodice – a garment that covers the upper body. You can either abide by the strictest historical sense (see the blog post for history of bodice terminology) or can explore the idea of bodices in a more general sense.

  • Easy. There is a bodice in the Swedish national court gown I have planned for this year, so this fit in perfectly.

  • #6: Fairytale – due Tue 1 April: imagine your favourite fairytale set in a specific timeperiod, and make a historical garment inspired by the fairytale.

  • I'm not sure of this. I could do a blue early 40's gown and be a semi-modern Blue Fairy. Or do the white petticoat to go with the bodice or, perhaps, finish the purple 1640's gown. And I do need a new shift and a nice shift could probably work in a number of fairy tales.

  • #7: Tops & Toes – due Tue 15 April. Create an accessory that goes on your head, or on your feet.

  • Another easy one, I already have a pale tan hat planned to go wiith a likewise planned spring coat.

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