Monday 29 August 2011

I have made a hat

It’s a bit quiet here. Not that I don’t sew, I just haven’t finished anything lately. I’m on the last leg of a hand sewn 17th century shift and I need to get the gown for the 18th century masquerade in October going. Well, I’ve finished one thing, this 1940’s green felt hat. If you follow Fashionable Forties, then you have already seen it, but if not, well, it is sewing, after all.

I had great troubles with the pattern, the infamous Vintage Vogue V7464, hat B. If you feel inclined, then there is a dress diary here and here. One thing I noticed when wearing it that the elastic did nothing to keep the hat on. It just slid on my hair- I guess it would work better if I had had my hair down. Luckily I inherited a few hat pins from my grandmother, so I used one of those to keep the hat in place. Much more becoming than elastic anyway. Despite the frustration when trying to work with the pattern, I’m really very pleased with the result.

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