Tuesday 28 February 2012

Belle Époque masquerade costume

Well, I had planned to make the clover costume, convinced that I had a lot of cotton sateen in the right colour. However, when I dug into my stash I realized that I didn’t have quite as much of it than I thought. What I did have, was yards and yards of dark blue polyester sateen. Not the greatest of material- it was left over after making theatre costumes years ago, but the colour is lovely. My friend Lithia had already decided to make a version of the star costume and we decided that I could make one too. I have silver fabrics at home, so I’ll use that instead of gold. I’m keeping to my plans of making the bodice with drawstrings as I had already made the pattern and don’t feel I have the time to make a fitted bodice anyway. I’m not going to make the star apron and collar; instead I will make a belt and choker by my own design. I’m keeping the star fascinator, though.

I’m making the skirt simpler too, more in style with this one:

Friday 10 February 2012

Late 19th century masquerade costumes

I posted the clover costume in my last post, but I thought it would be nice with the whole series. These images have been living on my hard drive for some eight years, so I have no clue where I once got them. They are lovely, though and I love that you can see the back too.

I have always been fond of 19th century versions of the 18th century.

Fraulein Frauke presents La Belle Paris

It's time again on March 10 and this time Fraulein Frauke is themed La Belle Paris, giving us the choice if we want the "La Belle Epoque" or the roaring twenties. For some odd reason Fraulein Frauke always seem to take place the weekends I work, but I will take a tired Sunday again and go- it's worth it. I have always had a lot of fun, the atmosphere is great and the entertainment splendid.

I'm so, so tempted to make a new dress for it. I think I will have a go at it, but have a back-up plan as I know that deadlines isn't good for me. I could, of course, make a 20's frock quite easily, but my figure isn't really suited for that silhouette and I will probably just feel frumpy. La Belle Epoque on the other hand... I have been looking as pictures of Anna Held, Ziegfield's common-in-law wife and star and would love to make something along those lines.

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