Monday, 26 April 2010


All the lacing holes on the stays are done! Weeee. Well, if you don't count the ones that the shoulder straps will sport- there are no shoulder straps yet. On to the boning, but first, the battante. Which is now completely cut out. Oh what a pain silk sateen is to cut! Slippery, slippery, slippery! I'm used to working with silk taffeta, which is a dream to cut.

And speaking of silk taffeta, I was drooling over B. R. Exports wonderful fabrics, and came across these:

Don't you think those would make great battantes? I think taffeta would drape better in a battante than the sateen will, and I really love those striped ones in the paintings. I think that if I will like my battante, I will make another, striped one. There will be more 18th century weekends, and a battante would make a wonderful morning gown, even when I will be able to wear my stays again.


GentlewomanThief said...

Yay for lacing holes being done!

I love the fabrics - BR Exports are just too tempting! I love the colour of the second fabric, but I'm not sure if the stripes are too wide? I'm trying to picture how they'd look on the sleeves...

Sounds like you're going to become a batante addict, though!

Isis said...

I think they look swider for out modern eyes, but if you looks at the pics I've posted, you'll see that some stripes are very broad indeed. Sleeves, for most of teh 18th century, was cut "on the Side", so stripes runs along the sleeve instead of top to bottom.

That's a bit like me, actually. I made my first chemise a la reine 8 years ago and is now woring in my thrid version... :-)

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