Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Dreamstress posted about 18th century masquerade costumes, something I have always been fascinated by, so to please her, and hopefully some others, here is my little stash of masquerade paintings
A shepherdess, complete with lamb. May not be a masquerade costume per se, but isn’t exactly a truthful depiction of a shepherdess either.

A goddess, I’m sure, but which one?

The lovely, but haughty, Queen Lovisa Ulrika. I love the silver lace and her sleeves!

The lovely countess Charlotta Fredrika Sparre painted as a vestal in 1741.

And as La Folie in 1744.

This is obviously a masquerade costume, but I don’t know of whom.

I do assume, however, that this girl in the next generation, is supposed to be the same entity.

I have made two masquerade gowns, the first one in 2004.

Can you see which one? I’m a bit sad that I only have this crappy picture, because I was rather pleased with the shape. However, I had absolutely no money when I made it, so it’s made out of 100% dead dino. I would like to make it anew one day- using better material and a pinker colour for the accents.

Last year I had a go at La Folie, but didn’t have time to quite finish it in time for the occasion.

The collar needs to be lined and the cockades need to be re-done in silk ribbons. A lot more of bells too. I also need to make the little cap and the staff. One of these days…


Lauren said...

Oooh! I like :-D

Anonymous said...

Jag tror att den okända gudinnan är drottning Lovisa Ulrika som Minerva. Jag är inte säker, men jag kan kolla upp det...

*Kollar upp det.*

Bah, jag hittade målningen hos Nationalmuseum men de står inte vem hon föreställer. ( http://webart.nationalmuseum.se/work/work.aspx?id=15324 ) Fast jag tror fortfarande att det är Minerva...

American Duchess said...

Bella! The black with the pink is my favorite of the lot, and then I scroll down to see that you made it for yourself! Absolutely stunning! Masquerade has always intrigued me too, for the 19th as well as the 18th. Thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

I apologize, I only speak English - I think the two ladies are what are called "Domino" costumes?

Jen Thompson said...

Ohhhh... I LOVE that last picture of you! What a gorgeous gown!

Isis said...

Lauren: I'm glad!

Lady Augusta. Ja, det låter rimligt. Känns som om jag känner igen det. :)

American Duchess: LOL! Well, of course you would like that the best! I just recalled that I have some nice 19th century masquerade pictures. Seems I have to make another post.

vitriolpoisoned: It might... I think a domino is more of a cloak with a half-mask, though. Like this one: http://www.jobev.com/domino2.jpg But there seems to bit of a confusion over what was what, so I may be wrong, or we are both right. :)

Jen: Thank you! That's very sweet of you to say. I need to finish it, though. :)

The Dreamstress said...

Thank you so much! These are amazing!

Isis said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them Dreamstress!

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