Friday, 1 October 2010

Corded stays

I finished these four years ago, but somehow never got around to show them. Corded stays made of pink linen, made after the directions on Festive Attyre and using the Custom Corset Pattern Generator to make the pattern. I have never used them, as I don’t have anything to wear over them, but now that I feel so tempted to make a German gown, they will be of use.

Oddly enough, as my weight is (sadly) once again the same that it was when I made them, the stays don’t fit as well as they did back then. This is why I show them on the dress dummy. My weight has redistributed itself and my waist is narrower while my breast has gone in the opposite direction. So while I can lace them completely shut at the waist, I have a much bigger gap over the chest that I used to.

So I think I will need to make a corded stomacher, otherwise the lacing will be a bit uncomfortable as my more...squishy parts… I don’t think I have any pink linen left, so it will have to be white. Of course, I could do new stays, but I don’t wasn’t to, not right now.

The dress dummy that is closer to me in size, is currently not available, that is why the stays are photographed on a smaller one.


American Duchess said...

Very pretty! My first stays (non-Victorian) were made exactly the same way, with Jen Thompson's cording tutorial, and the Custom Corset Pattern Generator...and oddly enough, about four years ago. We DO share a costuming brain! Yours are prettier than mine though, lol!

Isis said...

Separated at birth, no doubt. ;)

Jen Thompson said...

Those look great! I hope they work okay for you! :)

Isis said...

Thank you Jen! I'm sure they will! :)

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