Friday, 26 March 2010

New clothes

This isn't a fashion journal, but I have some new clothes I’d like to show off. First; my spats from Chronographia
have arrived and fits beautifully. They ARE beautiful and I’m very happy with them. Now I just want the world to be less wet so I can wear them.



As it soon will be my birthday, I’ve shopped some birthday clothes to feel pretty in from Pin Up Clothing. A dress and a pair of shoes.


I’ve ordered shoes from them before and been happy with them, but it was a bit scary to order clothes, but both shoes and dress fits very well. The dress is a bit stretchy, which helps, but I have a feeling that clothes that’s made for retro and pin up labels take into account that women are curvy and makes their clothes accordingly. As opposed to most stores in Stockholm that only seems to offer tents if you are over a certain size. And being biggest around the bosom I kind of not want clothes that have their most narrow point there. Makes you kind of, uh, tent-looking you know.

They offer the same cut in hot pink and yellow and I’m a bit tempted to but the yellow one. Only the decorations are skulls, which isn’t exactly my style. This makes me want it, just because I want to see how people react to it…


Anonymous said...

Oh - lovely dress! I best it looks gorgeous on you :)

Isis said...

I hope it will!

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