Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sneak peak on the 12th Night ball-outfit.

On my dress dummy, which make sit look very ill-fitting. It looks much better on me.

The petticoat is sewn in the same way as the skirt on the 1797’s gown. Unpleated in the front, pleated at the sides and a long section cartridgepleated at the small of the back. It has a short train. It’s worn over a small bustle-pad, and the peplum on the jacket helps with holding out the petticoat as well... The sash has boning at the centre back so the point won’t fold down.


It can also be worn with the peplum showing, which I really like as well. I can wear it with the petticoat, or I can wear it with the white 1797’s gown. I like versatile garments.

The end of the sash. The fringe is simply the end of the fabric with the cerise threads removed. It didn’t photograph well- the fabric is much pinker in reality.

I’ve had huge problems with the reticule, which is silly, as it’s such a small project. I found the spangles a real hassle to attach and I’ve managed to sew in the lining wrong twice- and did the same mistake both times! Now it’s mostly done, it just needs three small pom-poms sewn on. I couldn’t take any decent pic with my camera, but will try again on the ball. Here is, at least, a very bad pic of the finished embroidery.

What I didn’t get to was the pleated trim on the petticoat, but I have plenty of fabric left, to do that with.

Tomorrow is the ball, and I look forward to it! I just have to do a few stitches on the reticule and iron and pack my stuff, and rehearse my lines… You see, I’ve been drafted to be in a play for the evening’s entertainment. It’s called Kapten Puff and was written in the late 18th century by Olof Kexél. It’s a short and simple story. A captain called Puff (which means pouf, more or less) talks so much gibberish that he ends up without both promotion and girl. It’s quite funny, actually. My part is very small, about ten lines. I’m a lady who is very good at talking herself, and gets affronted when Puff talks so much that she can’t. But I haven’t acted in 16 years, so I’m a bit nervous. And I’m not much on an actress either. Still, it has been fun rehearsing.

Better pics will come after the ball.


The Dreamstress said...

Lovely! But I really want to see it on you, because I know it will look so much more amazing!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours - I second our favourite Dreamstress! And break a leg in your performance!

Isis said...

Thank you, both of you! I just hope the jacket hasn't shrunk over the holidays...

Lauren said...

Just beautiful. I agree the the other ladies. We need to see you in it :-) Have a wonderful time.

Isis said...

Lauren: Thank you, I had! Pictures will come. :-)

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