Thursday 15 September 2011

Anthony van Dyck

I have always been very fond of the portraits of Sir Anthony van Dyck who lived 1599 to 1641. He was a Flemish painter, but also worked in Italy, not to mention England- he became a painter at the court of Charles I. He painting often show off the clothes very well and I love how his persons really do look like persons with their own individuality. He also paints children that look like children, even if they are dressed like adults.

Queen Henrietta Maria. Love the orange on the silver.

Ladies in black and white.

Isabella van Assche

Lady Dorothy Dacre

Marie de Raet

Anna Wake

Seventh Earl of Derby with his wife and child.

I suspect the blue cast on her collar and cuffs are blue starch, but theye clearly edged with black. And so is the one below, but they are so similar in posture, so prhaps the good van Dyck took a bit of a shortcut here...

Marchesa Paola Adorno Di Brignole

Lady Lucy Percy

Marchesa Elena Grimaldi. I love her red cuffs.

Mary Viliers


Rhissanna said...

I love coming here to see your collection of portraits. Thank you for putting in the work to bring them all together for our enjoyment.

Isis said...

Rhissanna: I'm glad you enjoy them!

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