Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Book and stays

I’ve long wanted a book about Gustaf III’s national costume, Studier rörande Gustav III:s nationella dräkt by Eva Bergman, that was published in the thirties. Last week I found it online for basically nothing- it’s not hardcover, but in very good shape. I got it yesterday. Yay! Now I have no excuse whatsoever for not making it. I have the fabric, I have the pattern and now I even have the book. I’m aiming to have it done to the 12 night ball Gustafs Skål will have in January

I tried my Regency stays the other day and the good thing is that it fits very well over my waist and hips. It’s the first time I’ve tried boning with reeds, and they seem to work very well. I put boning channels beside the busk and on both sides of the front side-seam. And on both sides of the lacing holes. I thought I would need more boning, but it seems not. However, the cups are another matter. I definitely need to cut the front higher and also widen the gussets a bit. They work, kind of, now and I will follow advice of adding a strip of fabric to make it a bit higher, as I don’t have that much time before I need to use it.. And I will remove the wide busk and put in a much narrower. The wide one may be period, but my breasts aren’t small and it doesn’t work to have them pushed apart sp far. So a new busk channel, an additional stripe of fabric for the front and then finish the edges and I’m done.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the national costume! (I would like one myself). I'm eager to see it, so don't forget to show it off here in your blog! By the way, that book is a good source. I've read it myself, borrowed from the local library.

Madame Berg said...

Was it Bokbörsen, the source of all evil (it is, for my economy!)? I too want a national costume, some day... Looks so advanced, though :/

Anonymous said...

Jag vill jag vill jag vill också su svenska dräkten! Hur många meter går det åt?


Madame Berg said...

Yo dawg, I herd you like blog awards so I put an award in your blog so you can have an award while you blog


Isis said...

LadyAugstaFredrika: I will! I have friends who has it, so I have been looking in it and drooled for a long time. And now it's MINE! :-D

Madame Berg: Yes, Bokbörsen... ANd thank you!

annalinqvist: Jag vet inte riktigt. Jag tror jag har åtta meter, dubbel bredd och det tror jag är i överkant.

Madame Berg said...

Vi tar det på svenska då... ;)

Om du går in på "Layout" i Bloggers instrumentpanel så kommer du till gadgetsidan där du kan välja att lägga till ett bildelement i vänster marginal. Där kan du sätta din award för alla att beundra!

Här är bakgrunden till denna fina utmärkelse:


Keep on keepin' on!

Isis said...

Åh, tack!

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