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Frans Van Mieris the Elder (Dutch painter, 1635-1681)
Woman Writing a Letter 1680 detail

Shifts and skirts

Elizabethancostume.net Elizabethan smock pattern generator Close fitting smock with narrow sleeves, suitable for later period as well

Isis' Wardrobe 17th century shift

Isis' Wardrobe Making a 17th century shirt


Elizabethancostume.net A new look on Elizabethan corsetry Analysis of The Effigy corset, dated to around 1600

Elizabethancostume.net Custom corset pattern generator Makes a late 16th century stays pattern, but can be adapted for a 17th century style

Isis' Wardrobe Extant stays from the 17th century

Jeff & Caroline's pages of 17th Century Stuff Making 17th century stays and Things I’ve learnt since I made my first pair of bodies with a busk

Your Wardrobe Unlock'd Don't Let Binding Get Your Down by Cathy Hay

Women's fashion

The Alcega Project Exploring a tailor’s pattern book from 1589, but uesful for the very early 17th century as well. 

Isis' Wardrobe Informal jackets and waistcoats of the early 17th century

Isis' Wardrobe Meet Pandora, a fashion doll of 1600

Isis' Wardrobe The real century of the décolleté?

Isis' Wardrobe Researching the early Mantua and Mantua research redux

Jeff & Caroline's pages of 17th Century Stuff Working class costume of 17th century women

Metropolitan Museum The Kimberley Mantua Scroll down for article downloads about the gown.

Men's fashion

The Alcega Project Exploring a tailor’s pattern book from 1589, but uesful for the very early 17th century as well.

Isis' Wardrobe An amazing extant wardrobe from the 17th century


Costume Historian Fans of the 16th and 17th centuries

The Couture Courtesan: Domo arigato, made a rebato! Early 17th century collar support.

Elizabethancostume.net Constructing Elizabethan ruff

Elizabethancostume.net Ruff calculator

Extreme Costuming How To Wear An Elizabethan Coif


Isis' Wardrobe 17th century embroidery at the Royal Armoury in Sweden

Hair and Beauty

Bois de Jasmin: Sweet Honey Water : Perfume Recipe from the 17th Century

A Damsel In This Dress Looking the Part 2. Make up and Hair

Extreme Costuming Two Elizabethan Hairstyles How-to's, suitable for the very early 17th century as well.

Hoyden & Firebrands 17th century Beauty

La Couturìére Parisienne: Make a fontange hair-do (In German) Late 17th century hairstyle

Madame Isis' Toilette The 17th Century "Spaniel Ears" Hairstyle

Madame Isis' Toilette A beautiful visage- 17th century female beauty

Madame Isis' Toilette A beautiful visage- 17th century male beauty

Madame Isis' Toilette Interpretations of 17th Century Makeup Using cosmetics based on period recipes.

Madame Isis' Toilette Making Cyprian powder

Madame Isis' Toilette Poudre d'Amour - Flesh coloured face powder from the 17th Century

Madame Isis's Toilette Styling A Mid-17th Century Wig

Madame Isis's Toilette Women's Makeup In the 17th Century

The Perfume Mistress: Courtly Beauty Secrets from the 17th Century

Trystan's Costume Closet Elizabethan Hairstyles, 1550-1600 How-to's, suitable for the very early 17th century as well.

This and that

8 sex tips from the 17th century

The Cryes of the City of London after the Life A collection of prints depicting clothes of everyday men and women in London 1688

Dressing Terpsichore Masques Several interesting articles on 17th Century masques

English Civil War (ECW) Living History Resources

How to make a supportasse

How to starch a ruff

Isis' Wardrobe 17th century frog purses

Isis' Wardrobe The bared bosom in 17th and 18th century art

Isis' Wardrobe 17th century masques

The Renaissance Tailor, Recreating 16th and 17th century clothing Tons of research and how-to's.

Dress diaries and sewing tips and tricks

American Duchess 1660's gown Several posts about the construction under the tag 17th century

Before the Automobile: 1660's dress

A Damsel In This Dress An Early Mantua A complete dress diary for this gown can be found at Your Wardrobe Unlock'd

A Damsel In This Dress Middle class 1650-60 bodice

A Damsel In This Dress 1630 Satin Gown in Bolsover

Démodé: A ca. 1668 gown for Nell Gwyn

Diary of A Mantua Maker 1670s gown

Dressing Terpsichore The 1660's silver tissue dress

Dressing Terpsichore Mantua In Progress

The Dreamstress: 1660s dress for Ninon de l’Enclos

Historical living with Hvitr: A blue working class mantua

Isis' Wardrobe 1630's purple gown

La Couturìére Parisienne How to make a mantua (In German)

Your Wardrobe Unlock'd Caribeean Pirate Dress How to make a late 17th Century dress that looks great, if not 100% historically correct, by Cathy Hay

Books and patterns

Die Kostümsammlung Hüpsch im Hessischen by Johannes Pietsch Descriptions and patterns for several 17th century extant garments, for both men and women. In German.

Isis' Wardrobe A review of Seventeenth-century Women's Dress Patterns

The Mantua-Maker Patterns

Reconstructing History


American Duchess Historical Footwear So far only one style for the 17th Century, the Stratford, suitable for the first three decades.

Harr Shoes A number of styles with a wide selection of materials and colours, made after the measurements of your foot.

Historical Footwear Specializing on the 17th century

Sarah Juniper Historical Shoes Handsewn shoes and boots.

The Tudor Tailor Fabrics, silk and linen thread and period lace, for example

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Dear Isis,

Good to see this page; there are few places to go for 17th century information.

You might consider adding "Sifting the Past", a blog at http://siftingthepast.com/. It shows one painting a post and points to material culture items within that painting.

While the blog contains images from multiple centuries, 17th century paintings are featured frequently.


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