Sunday, 16 January 2011

More goodies from Nordiska

Not stays, but really nice clothes from the 17th and 18th century. And unusual- what do you think of the patchwork jacket? And I love the ladies shoes from 1653.

Banyan, dated to 1770-1790, in printed cotton dated to 1750

Banyan, double-breasted in cotton, 1720-1775.

Banyan in red silk, 1740-1770.

Man’s red wedding suit, with embroideries, 1764.

Man’s cravat in very fine cotton, with white embroidery

Man’s cuffs with white lace, 1750-1799.

Gown 1780-1790 in striped cotton/silk.

Woman’s jacket in fine pink wool, 1775-1790, the sleeves cut together with the bodice.

Woman’s jacket in many-coloured patchwork, 1770-1790. I have never seen anything like that before!

Woman’s jacket in black, “shiny” wool, 1770-1799.

Ripped apart bodice, but the fabric! Oh, the fabric is pink, flowered goodness. I want! 1760-1770.

Stomacher, 1740-1760 in white, quilted cotton, embroidered in white.

Stomacher, 1770-1779. White linen decorated with striped silk ribbons. Very cute.

Engageants in white work, cotton, 1750-1779.

Woman’s hat in green, 18th century.

Pink embroidered shoes in silk, 18th century.

Blue shoes with white heels, 18th century

Mules, 17th century.

Ladies shoes, 1653.

Brown embellished gloves, 17th century.


The Dreamstress said...

That jacket is fantastic! I almost wonder if it is a costume: it seems reminiscent of paintings of Harlequin and Columbine. Of course, patchwork is so practical and frugal too! I'd love to study it up close and see how it was constructed, and how worn it was.

Isis said...

Isn't it! I was thinking along those lines too- perhaps it was made for a masked ball. There isn't that much written about the construction, but it's made up from silk. Sometimes there hasn't been large enough pieces for a triangle, and in that case the triangle is pierced togther. No mention if the jacket was worn much, but a note that some of the triangles are are very worn and frail.

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