Monday, 3 January 2011


During the year I feel in love with the very cute dolls from Deridolls. Deviantart gallery here. They are inspired by paintings, characters from movies or books, or whatever. So I decided to give away some for Christmas.

My sister got the character Eponine from the musical Les Miserables. It’s a character who means a lot for my sister, so I hoped she would like the doll. And I think she did!

I also ordered, to give to Janne, a mini-me based on this outfit.

Here I am!

The bag has been changed in shape to look more like my own bag, otherwise this is it. I’m especially pleased with the hat!


Sewingadicta said...

Amazing, fantastic, you got a mini - you are perfect! I'm in love with your work.

Isis said...

They are fantastic, but it's not I who has made the dolls. I ordered them from Deridolls. :)

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