Friday, 25 December 2009

The 1790's velvet jacket is done

I'm quite pleased with it. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture, as I was home alone and had to take the pic myself, but I wanted to show you as much as I could along with the fabrics I will use for the petticoat and sash.


As always I feel slightly embarassed over my breasts. I read so many snarky comments over costumes where the breasts are overflowing, but most of my breasts are inside my stays- I can't stuff more of them down there. Well, this jacket will be worn with a neckerchief, which will help somewhat.


Lauren said...

I love the fabric. I can't wait to see the finished ensemble.

Anonymous said...

Ooh - looks fab! Love the colours. And as for the snarky comments - BAH! Boobs are there and they aren't going anywhere and when stays and corsets are involved they're never going to be subtle, so just enjoy that you have something to fill your lovely clothes :)

Isis said...

Lauren: Thank you! It's been sleeping in a box for 20 years- I thought it was time to use it. :-)

gentlewomanthief: Thank you. I haven't personally been snarked (that I know of), but come across comments on well-endowed women that I've felt have been a bit unfair.

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