Friday, 4 April 2014

Extant 18th century caps

The actual sewing on my cap is done, now I have to sew in the wire and see if my idea on how to do actually work when it is applied. Very exiting... You can see a previous post on the subject here. I have also found an article on just earlier 18th century caps at A Most Beguiling Accomplishment. Here is also a few extant caps. None of them are wired, but wire must have been easy to remove so you could wash the cap and perhaps it was also removed to change the look of the cap.

Three lace caps. The first is just dated to the 18th century, but I think it is quite correct to assume that it should be dated to around 1750.

Flemish cap, 18th century

French cap ca. 1750
Belgian cap ca. 1740
Cap, probably American, 1750-1799

Cap, 1751-1800

Cap, 1750-1800

Cap, 1775-1800
Cap, 1775-1799

Mourning cap in pleated silk and black crape
Cap, 1785–98

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