Monday, 10 March 2014

Come to Stockholm for a whole weekend of lectures of period sewing

April 4-6 there will be a whole weekend devoted to period sewing, hair and makeup in Stockholm. You will have to understand Swedish to appreciate it, though. The focus will be on the Viking age and the 18th century. I don’t know why one has opted to choose two periods so far apart, but I think it could give some fun perspective if you are mainly into one of them.
There will be visits to museums, Historiska for talk about Viking clothes and Nordiska for the 18th century. At the visit to Nordiska, extant garments will be shown and allowed to take pattern from. How neat is that? There will also be lectures on styling wigs, embroidery, and makeup. I’m going to hold the lecture on 18th century beauty and cosmetics. There will be sewing courses for 18th century men’s and women’s clothes and a few other things. There will also be a small party in costume on Friday.


ista said...

Ohhh, I want to teleport over!

Isis said...

ista: Yes, they can invent that nifty teleporter now. :)

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