Thursday, 4 July 2013

New outfit and a trip to Sala silver mine

Last year we went to the 18th century festival at Sala silver mine and had such a great time that we repeated it this year, especially as I was asked to hold a little talk on 18th century beauty. You can read more about that here. I also had the opportunity to finally wear my pink/green jacket and petticoat. Remember that I couldn't find the petticoat when I was going to the party at Svartsjö castle? Well, now I just went up to the attic and found it in a bag at once. I swear it wasn't there the first time! I don't remember now when I started this outfit, but it was years ago, at least six. I wanted something like a fashion plate, but I think I have an inner restraint because no matter what I do to try for something over the top, I never seem to manage. I am still very pleased with it all. I did have a particular image in mind when I started, but it has disappeared since then. A friend of mine did recognise though and have promised to find it for me again.

The material is pink silk taffeta with green silk trim, stomacher and hat. The jacket has a zone-front, the petticoat is worn over a false rump. I have re-drafted my bodice pattern since I cut out this jacket and the neckline needs to be tightened around my collar bones. The fishu hides it though. I was also a lot thinner when this project begun, so there had to be some fiddling around teh waist to make it look good, but an apron is good at hiding imperfections as well.
The original plan was to make the stomacher pink, but I ran out of fabric. I quite liked it green though. I think I have enough green fabric left to make another, more narrow, row of gathered fabric on the petticoat.
The hat stays in place with the help of a big comb and it stayed on surprisingly well. I wasn't aware of how crazy the angle looked until I saw the photos!
Lithia in a new gown. 

Madame Berg in her leather stays, made after this pair. 
The Wild Man re-appeared, this time with buttons in his jacket.
The noble savage.
He was roped in by a fair maiden.
Given a brief lesson in manners.
And turned into a gentleman.
There was also an Opera Buffa, unfortunately without any songs or music, but very funny nevertheless.
But there were some music at least.
Sunday was a bit colder than the Saturday, with some rain.

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ZipZip said...

Dear Isis,
Your outfit is so handsome...glad you found all the parts again. It deserves more wearing!

The weekend at the mine looks like so much fun: plays, singing! We rarely get plays here, so you all are lucky.

Very best from rainy KY,


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