Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Historically Sew Fortnightly- planned projects

After jumping on board on The Historically Sew Fortnightly I have also sat down and planned what to sew for the various challenges.
challenge #1, a year ends in '13. A long time ago, like 15 years, I embroidered a Teens blouse, white on white linen. I think this will be a good time to actually sew it together. My biggest concern is the fact that I’m bigger now than I was then. The back will probably fit, but perhaps not the front. But being white linen I think I could make an insert in the front without destroying the design. Or perhaps lace.

challenge #2, UFO, My idea is to try to finish UFO’s for most of the challenges, but here is one especially for it. Right now I lean toward the Robe de Cour I started last year. The bodice foundation is done, but I have changed what fabric it will be in. Instead of white velvet it will be in green taffeta.

challenge #3, Under it All, I have a pair of Regency stays to finish as well as brown 18thc century linen ones, but I will focus on the blue silk stays I started 3 years ago. They need two more boning channels sewn, the shoulder straps and bind them, but I got stalled when I misplaced the silk for the straps and didn’t find it again until this summer.

challenge #4 embellish I don’t think I have anything in need to embellishment,

challenge #5 Peasants and Pioneers. I might or might not participate in this one. I do have a need for a wool short gown and I do have red fabric for it, but I don’t know if I want to start up such a project now. If I do, however, I want to make this one, an extant example in Visby in Sweden.


challenge #6, Stripes Same as above. I really want a striped 1790’s skirt and I have the fabric for it, but do I want to start a new project now?

challenge #7 is Accessorize Easy, to finish a late 18th century top hat. It’s half covered in green silk already.

I will of course, continue to work on my 40’s wardrobe and I won’t beat myself up if I miss a challenge.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your blue silk stays. They look gorgeous. :)

Isis said...

I hope they will be when they are finished as well... :)

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