Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Sewing plans of 2013

The Tailor by Pietro Longhi
I guess a lot of you are very busing today, but as I’m Swedish I had the big day yesterday and today I’m working. The joys of irregular schedule- trains have to go every day. I hope you have had or are having a great day! My Christmas Eve was very nice and I think everyone was pleased.

I’m sitting here and thinking of next year’s sewing projects. I have continued my sewing room cleanout and have sorted all my A projects into a cupboard, all my B projects are sorted into individual zip lock bags and stored together on a shelf and all C projects have been packed into a large bag and been packed away a bit better. I still need to buy some lidded boxes for sewing notions, but just sorting my projects have made a big difference!
The Tailor's Shop

I have been thinking of trying to give myself deadlines to try to finish things properly. First I was thinking one project every week but felt that was a bit too ambitious and decided on one thing finished every fortnight instead. Funnily enough I decided this and then went blog-reading and found the Dreamstress 2013 challenge; The Historical Sew Forthly.

For every two week there will be a challenge and it’s up to each one who participate to decide if they want to make each and every one of them, or just a few. She draws the line for historical at 1938 which means my 40’s wardrobe falls outside the frame, but most of my projects do fit, so I will jump on board. If you want to start at once there is a bonus challenge to finish something before December 31, otherwise the first challenge due 14 Jan. Sew something from __13, whether it be 1913, 1613, or 13BC. I don’t think I have anything that fits into that challenge, so I will do something from my 40’s wardrobe instead and try to finish my raincoat instead.

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