Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Come to an 18th century party in Sweden

Svartsjö Palace. The main building was started in 1734.
On May 9 Gustafs Skål is holding their grand party to celebrate that the society is turning 20 this year. The party will take place at Svartsjö Palace in Stockholm and will start at noon and end one hour after midnight. Much amusements and good food have been promised!

The cost is 675 SKr for members of Gustafs Skål, Wästgiöta Gustavianer, Carlscrona Rediviva, Forum för historisk dans & music and Helsingfors goda borgare. For everyone else, the price is 775 SKr.


The amusements will include a walk in the park with music and something for the body as well as for the mind. Dowager-queen Lovisa Ulrika will invite you for something that has to do with beauty (yes that might include my participation…). Dancing, of course as well as perhaps a bit more naughty amusements as well. A dinner, a play and a number of surprises are also included.


If you are interested, mail: elisabeth.goldstein (at ) telia.com

A feast to mark that the hay is cut outside Svartsjö Palace by Pehr Hilleström, ca 1780

Personally I think it will be an absolutely fantastic party!

More info (in Swedish) can be found here.


Jenni said...

OH...how I wish I lived closer! I will have to live vicariously through your photos! Please take many!

Sanna K said...

Considering... But not sure if I can... :/

Isis said...

Jenni: I would like to have an unlimited travelling budget so I could go to all lovely events that take place all over the world. :)

sanna K: I jope you can make it! I would love to see you again!

Sanna K said...

Unfortunately I won't be there :( I'll have to work both on Wednesday and Friday so I can't make it. I would have loved to see you, too, but I guess we'll have to wait for another chance.

Isis said...

That's a pity, but that is how work is at times. I had some troubles myself getting vacation those days.

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