Saturday, 23 March 2013

A Robe Piemontaise it is


Basically everyone asked says that I should do the piemontaise and I must confess that I feel most inclined to that one as well. So a piemontaise it is. I need it to be finished in May and have everything I need when it comes to fabric and lining material. What I do need are additional decorations. I would like something in gold.

 Of the scant handful of extant piemontaises around, there is, the one in Denmark is available as pattern. The cut is really quite simple, a narrow back, a wide front, sleeve, the petticoat and the pleated panel for the back. I already have a fitted bodice pattern that looks like that, so I will start with cutting out the lining and fit it. I also need to think a bit about the front closure.

Bodice, sleeve, overskirt and the separate backpleats.
I have never made sleeves with that cut before.

The petticoat made out of three panels of fabric
and waistband.

I will, of course, ogle other extant piemontaises for inspirations. They are really pretty.The Danish one is quite simple, but the others are much more extravagant. All three gowns below are Spanish. I'm not sure what to make of that.

Gorgeous creme coloured gown with embroidery.


The pleated back panel is really just applied on top of everything.

A somewhat less embroidered one.



Unfortunately no picture of the back.


A piemontaise, probably from the 1780’s and altered in the 19th century

Scroll down for a modern interpretationof the piemontaise in green stripes, the only one I have ever seen.


Cassidy said...

I also have a fashion plate of a piémontaise, if that's helpful.

Sassy Countess said...

I was actually thinking about doing some ribbon embroidery on ribbons to attach to a dress. Of course, this would not be quite as large as these particular dresses. However, I am absolutely sure of it now! :D

Kendra said...

Can't wait to see this project! My thinking with those embroidered ones is that they may have been robes pare (ie court dresses). And I remember Olympe telling me she used the Danish pattern for her piemontaise!

Isis said...

Cassidy: Thank you. I knew I had seen it before but had forgotten where. Though I should have realized it was on your blog. :)

SassyCountess: I'm sure it would be lovely nevertheless. :)

Isis said...

Kendra: I think you are right! Olyme's gown is lovely- she looks so elegant!

mousseline said...

But there are pictures of the back and even close ups on imatex. You need to enter imatex as an extern reader and then search registered number 7250.
I also put some of the pictures on my pinterest.

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