Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The calendar is here and a giveaway!

We finally got Gustafs Skål's calendar and I must say that it's very neat. Can I say that when I have been involved in making it? And, having it actually in my hand, I know now the cost for sending it. The catalouge itself costs 100 SKr, unless you are a member of Gustafs Skål, then it is 75 Skr. Shipping will be as follows:

Sweden 22 SKr

Europe 48 SKr

Rest of the world 60 SKr

This is for sending the calendar in an ordinary envelope, though I will pack it as careful as possible. It is of course possible to send it in a padded envelope, but that makes the cost higher. Pay to my Paypal account or, if you are in Sweden, to Gustafs Skål's account and the calendar will be sent when the money arrives. Mail to

mipsmoppet at hotmail.com

You may notice that this is another addy, and that is because my computer seens to have issues with the other one and shuts down when I try to answer. So to those of you who have already mailed me; I have seen your mail, but haven't been able to answer. I will get to another one to be able send you the information as soon as possible, or you might mail me on the other addy. Sorry about that.

But, here is a little nugget- a calendar giveaway! I don't usually hosts giveaways, but I'm feeling the Christmas spirit. So, one of you may get Gustafs Skål's erotic calendar for free!

To enter, be either a follower of this blog or the Facebook page and leave a comment. For an additional entry, mention this giveaway at your blog or on Facebook and leave another comment with a link to that. The giveaway will be open until midnight (Swedish time) December 16.


Cassidy said...

I will definitely put myself in the running for the giveaway! The thumbnails are so tempting.

Wildschrat said...

Yes, I'm in as well! The calendar looks gorgeous and I love your blog. Will share this on Facebook, too :)

Wildschrat said...

Here we go :)


Nycteris said...

I'm sure you all did a wonderful job on the calendar! Well, I've been following your blog, so thanks! :-)
coenobita54 [at] gmail [dot] com

Jenni said...

Love it! Congrats! I've been reading your blog now for a long time, but just now 'officially' followed you.

Helen said...

Such an amazingly fun idea. It looks like you had a great time making it!

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