Thursday, 20 September 2012

With mask in hand

Not every pictured masquerade costume in the 18th century includes a mask and not every costume is a costume, it may be perfectly ordinary clothes with a mask added. This post is dedicated to pictures where the mask is not worn, but held in the hand.

Plain black masks. This one is still unusual as it is a half-mask and with red ribbons to tie it around the head.

Marie Madeleine Mazade by Hyacinthe Rigaud, 1734

The Moretta mask, a woman's mask, is a plain black velvet mask with no mouth opening and it was held in place with a button on the inside that teh bearer held between her teeth. These seem to be variations of that one. I like that her hair isn't totally powdered, but just applied around the face.

By Hyacinthe Rigaud, painted before 1743

A rather sad-eyed version.
Felicità Sartori by Rosalba Carriera ,1740

 Young girl with mask by  Charles-Antoine Coypel, 1745)
Madame Joseph Nicolas Pancrace Royer by Jean-Marc Natier, ca. 1750

I have seen pictures of the actual painting, but haven't been able to locate it on the Web, unfortunately
Engraving of Madame de Mouchy, after a painting by Charles Coypel

Maskerade by Antoine Watteau  c.1717
By Jean-Baptiste Santerre, painted before 1717
David Garrick and Hannah Pritchard playing opposite each other in the Suspicious Husband, artist and date unknown

This must be one of the cutest masquerade costumes ever!
ca. 1720 Henrietta Hobart, The Hon. Mrs Howard, later Countess of Suffolk,  attributed to Thomas Gibson, ca. 1720

Portrait of a lady, thought to be Madame de Sêrent by Jean-Marc Nattier, 1754

Lady Preparing for Masquerade
There is also a version where the mask is painted like a face with a mask just over the eyes. I wonder if teh effect wasn't a bit spooky.
By Lorenzo Tiepolo, painted before 1776
Louisa Ulrika of Prussia, Queen of Sweden by Antoine Pesne ca. 1744
Empress Maria Theresa by Martin van Meytens, 1744
Baroness Eva Helena Ribbing by Gustaf Lundberg, 1750
Eleonora Gustafa Bonde av Björnö by Jakob Björk
Here there is even patches painted on. I also find her miniature tricorne hat adorable. I think I need one for the next masked ball I attend.
Henriette Sophie Christine von Lüderitz, by Christian Friedrich Reinhold Lisiewski 
Here is the maske without the painted on mask. If anyone feels the title is odd, then perhaps it will get a bit clearer if I say that nun could be sland for a completely different profession...
The Fair Nun Unmasked by Henry Morland
The Beauty Unmasked, engraving

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Madame Berg said...

"I also find her miniature tricorne hat adorable. I think I need one for the next masked ball I attend"

I think I need the whole outfit! It reminds me of this portrait, that I adore:

Clare said...

Oh, yay! Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I love masquerades and there were even a few here I hadn't seen before. I love the Fair Nun Unmasked, it's been a favourite for a long while. so intriguing!

Isis said...

Madame Berg: Well, I felt so too, but do I need more projects... And yes, it does! Funny, I have never seen that pictures before. I have a post for similar outfits planned andthat one will fit right into it!

Clare: My pleasure! I agree, it is a very interesting picture!

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