Monday, 10 September 2012

17th century women's portraits at Skokloster castle

I visited Skokloster castle this summer and here is a few goodies from the vast portrait collection.

There is a rather romantic story concerning the marriage of Count Carl Gustaf Wrangel. One of the richest, noblest and most important men in Sweden met a young and beautiful, but also impoverished and orphaned German noblewoman, Anna Margareta von Haugwitz and marries her just out love. Big scandal, happy marriage and she must have been gorgeous if this portrait is anything to go by!

Countess Anna Margareta von Haugwitz by Anselm van Hulle, 1649

Here she is a few years later, a bit more worn and very pregnant- she got 11 children. I would love to see what her gown look underneath the collar and apron!

Countess Anna Margareta von Haugwitz by Matthaeus Merian, 1550's.

Countess Katarina Gyllenstierna by Georg Günther Kraill von Bemeberg, 1610-1629.

Countess Kristina Katarina Stenbock by Johan Werner, 1625-1650.

Countess Ebba Lewenhaupt unknown artist, 1630-40s.

Her collar is beautiful!

Agnes av Hessen-Kassel, Countess of Dessau, unknown artist 1643,

Talk about breast on a platter! But I love the colour combination of white and grey!

Eleonora Katarina of Pzalz-Zweibrücken, princess of Sweden, unknown artist, 1640's.

Countess Maria Euphresyne av Pfaltz-Zweibrucken, sister of Karl X by Johannes Assman, 17th century.

I suspect this gown is a bit fanciful but I love the combination of silvery white and blue.

Countess Beata Elisabeth von Königsmarck by Hendrick Munnichhoven, ca 1654.

I doubt she was considered a beauty, but I think she's a cutie anyway!

Baroness Ingeborg Axelsdotter Baner by David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl, probably 1660's.

Queen Christina of Sweden by Abraham Wuchters, 1661.

This is listed as an unknown Spanish or Italian lady in a Spanish dress. However, I have seen other vesrions of this portrait attributed to Hortense or Marie Mancini.

By Alessandro Varotari (Padovanino), second half of the 17th century.

A couple of French court ladies on horses. The riding habits seem more or less fanciful, but are interesting nevertheless.

Madame la Duchesse d´Aumont by Pierre Mignard. Madame La Duchesse de la Ferte, Catrine de Neuville Comtesse d´Armagnacq, Anne de Souvree, marquise de Louvois and Madame La Duchesse De Bouillon, all by Joseph Parrocel. Madame La Comtesse de Saint Geran by Pierre Mignard. Painted in the 1670's

I think her dress is pure fancy, but I adore her hair!

Mary Villiers, Duchess av Richmond och Lennox, unknown artist, last quarter of the 17th century.

Her hair! It's easy to forget that they had big hair in the 17th century as well.

Countess Eva Bielke by David Richter, 1696.


Anonymous said...

I love the knotted hem on that first riding habit

Isis said...

I like the big bows they have in their hair. :)

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