Thursday, 29 December 2011

That was the year that was 2011

Looking back I realise that I have finished a few things this year after all. Not as much as I would want, but still. I also started the the 1940’s wardrobe-project, which has been a lot of fun and something that I look forward to continue.

So, more or less in the order they have been sewn, the finished projects of 2011:

The deer hat for the 12th Night masked ball.

A 1950 faux fur jacket.

1790's tabless stays.

Decorated the Sara-hat.

Fixed the waistband to make a skirt out of my grandmother's summer dress fron 1949. (The bodice was removed by her.)

A green 1940's hat.

A 1940's grey wool A-line skirt.

A 1940's brown A-line skirt in some hopeless wool blend.

Projects that I have finished but hasn't got any pics of yet:

17th century shift
Medieval shift
Victorian Bustle
1940's swing dress

You may notice that the two last items were on the list of UFOs, so I have made some progreee there. I think I will continue to post that list at the end of each monh to make it more visual. I'm a bit afraid that it will grow as I'm sure that I have UFOs that I have forgotten about... I'm currently working on the 1940's black wool dress and then I plan to focus on the robe de cour.

The embroidered polonaise, ca 1770 My eternal project...
Candy-floss pink jacket, ca 1789 I could finish this over a weekend- the lining is halfway done, then it just need the green trim and a stomacher.
18th century banyan for my darling. All the pieces are cut out.
Robe de cour in white velvet. Need to be done for an event in March.
Embroidered linen blouse, ca 1910 The embroidery is finished, I just need to sew it together
1660s gown The boned foundations is done, I just need to cover it with silk.
1960’s green wool dress Everything is cut out, just needs sewing together.
1950’s maroon wool skirt Needs waistband and hemming.
1940’s swing dress
Victorian bustle
Green house dress Buttons, belt and hemming left.
Black wool dress Sewing it together
Brown hat
White shirtwaist dress Buttons and hemming left to do
Rayon dress Same as the shirtwaist.


Rowenna said...

2011 was a good year for you! I love the hat and skirts especially :) Looking forward to what 2012 brings!

Anonymous said...

Lade du ner projektet med en Svensk nationell allmän dräkt?

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Lovely to see all these diverse projects in one place, it goes to show what a versatile sewist you are :)

Isis said...

Rowenna: Thank you!

Lady Augusta: Nej, det har jag inte- den borde också vara på listan för oavslutade porträtt- jag glömde bara bort den. :)

Mrs C: Thank you!

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