Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Round gown

I have a knack that I’m not particularly proud of- the knack of making the shirts of my 18th century clothes too short. I managed to do that beautifully with my 1790’s round gown, as you can see on the pictures. The patterns is from Kvinnligt mode under två sekel, again- I love the book. And I love the pattern, it was very easy to put together and had some fun construction details such as the bodice have a seam MB, but then a narrow extra back piece is stitched on top of it to give the impression of two curved back seams. I have since used the pattern for two other projects. The fabric is IKEA’s Anneli in yellow, an 18th century re-print in linen/cotton.

The back with the back seam still visible

The extra back piece basted and ready to be put in its proper place.

The finished back. A large portion of the skirt is cartridge pleated to the small back piece, then it is knife pleated until the sideseams. The front of the skirt is the same width as the front of the bodice. The gown is open in front somewhat below the waist and is closed with drawstrings at neck and waist.


Anonymous said...

Ah, det berömda Anneli-tyget från IKEA! (Tror du att det finns fler gula Annelior än du och jag? Haha ja, säkert tre par gardiner i en villa i Österåker.)

Din round gown (vad heter det på svenska?) är verkligen söt.

Isis said...

Jadå. minst en i Göteborg också. :D Tack! Tror inte de har ett "eget" namn på svenska, men jag är inte säker.

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