Tuesday, 3 August 2010

More 18th century make-up

Remember my post on 18th century make-up? Well, now I have played around a bit more with modern make-up. After all, that is what most of us usually use. So, below is not one, but two, yes, I said two, versions of an 18th century make-up.


Face: White mineral foundation from Lucy Minerals.
Cheeks: Glow blush in Hypnotize from Fyrinnae.
Lips: The same blush, mixed with a little lip balm.
Eyebrows: Old, old eyebrow shadow from Colourings, Body Shop.

I always use mineral foundation and many brands have it in white. They offer it so it is possible to lighten a shade, but works well on its own too. I have recently found Lucy Minerals (Thank you Lithia!) and it is the best I have ever tried. Easy to use and not clogging at all. This make-up is very easy to do. I often use a coloured foundation insetad of white, albeit in a lighter shade than my natural skin colour.

Using this make-up as a base I added a few products to make a slightly more extreme version.

Face: White mineral foundation from Lucy Minerals + Twilight Supernatural Face and Body Powders in Sparkle from Aromaleigh.
Cheeks: Gothic Lolita Rouge in Corset, also from Aromaleigh.
Lips: Lip Lustre in Type A from Fyrinnae.
Eyes: Glow blush in Hypnotize.
Eyebrows: Old, old eyebrow shadow from Colourings, Body Shop.
Hair: Powdered with talcum powder on hairspray.

Shiny face was something to strive for and sometimes the 18th century beauty mixed powdered nacre to add to the glow. Msmcknittington tipped me of Aromaleigh’s Twilight powders. I also bought Lustre, which is less glittery than Sparkle. Lustre gives a very nice luminous effect that I liked better than Sparkle, but for a grand party, Sparkle would be fun. unfortunately, Aromaleigh closes shop in a week or so, so soon it will be hard to get.

As you see I have added rouge around my eyes for this make-up. Eye shadow wasn’t used then, but one of the nasty effects of using white make-up with lead in, are red and swollen eyes. It can even be seen on some portraits. So I added the pink as I thought it would give a nice effect of a lady who over-indulges in her white face paint.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I had great fun doing the make-up!


Rowenna said...

Great pictures! You have such a lovely face--like a portrait! Thanks for posting some ideas on authentic make-up--I seldom have a chance to get dolled-up eighteenth-century style (I'm usually doing camp work in my linen drudge clothes) but when I do (Christmas party!! Hopefully a ball sometime this year!!) I'll be looking to you for advice :)

GentlewomanThief said...

Great effects! You look lovely as always - even with pinky eyes :) They actually look good, lol!

I don't suppose you have any tips for a pale base without mineral make-up? (I'm allergic!)

Lauren said...

Lovely! Great post!

Isis said...

Rowenna! Thank you! Yeah, I can see that a white face wouldn't go so well with drudge clothes... ;)

Gentlewomanthief. LOL, thank you! I'm sorry, I haven't. I can't remember what brand I used before I started with mineral, apart from Laura Mercier, which was good, but also very expensive. Depending on what you are allergic to, you might be able to use Lucy Minerals anyway. They don't contain some of the ingridients that are common in mineral make-up and are also what people usually are allergic too (More info on tehir webpage, I think). You can buy tests from them which are quite inexpensive.

Lauren: Thank you!

Madame Berg said...

What a nice post, and you make me want to go out and buy make-up, which isn't so good...

Unknown said...

Amazing job!

Isis said...

Thank you!

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