Tuesday, 17 August 2010

An 18th century day in Uppsala

Sunday we spent in the garden of Linné in Uppsala. They have a market there and Gustafs Skål was invited to be beautiful for the enjoyment of the visitor’s. After there was a very good meal to be had in the orangery and also a guided tour of Linné’s town house. It was a very pleasant day, mostly cloudy, but warm. We strolled, had coffee, talked with people, had ice-cream and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Janne worked, though. If I have understood it correctly there is a series of educational movies made about historical events. No dialogue to speak of, but a speaker voice over. They were filming in the garden and Janne had been enrolled to play Gustaf III. All in all a very nice day, apart from the fact that the filming didn’t end when they were supposed to (what a surprise…) so we were much later in leaving than we had planned. As I had to get up at 4.30 the next day, I was not happy with that!

Though most of my clothes are late 18th century, I do have some earlier gowns and its fun to wear them too. The pet-en-l’air has an earlier cut, winged cuffs, no seam at the waist and the pleats in the back are not sewn down. It may not be the most flattering gown on me, and even if it’s an old gown, from 2003, I still love it. To vary it a little I tucked it up into the slits of the black petticoat, an effect I rather liked.

I think I shall be much better in powdering my hair from now on. I’ve always liked it, but while talcum powder looks fine, on me it makes my scalp itch like crazy for days after. Here I have used Ageless Artifice’s hair powder which has starch as main ingredients and my scalp didn’t say a peep. I also think it stays on MUCH better than talcum powder. I suspect that the reason is that it’s not as finally milled and doesn’t disappear into my hair but stays on it. I sprayed with hairspray, brushed on the powder with a large brush and then sprayed very lightly with spray again. I was in my sixth hour of wearing it and you can see that it still looks good.

I love hollyhocks and the colours on these were amazing- almost black!


A boob shot, just for the fun of it.

Lithia Black

Not really smoking, but holding the pipe for her boyfriend.

Annali and her adorable mini-me.

Anckarström, on his way to shoot the king.

The king.

Janne resting his shoulder between shots.


Lauren R said...

BELLISIMA! That first photo of you is something out of a movie! Love the flowers all around! Looks like such a wonderful event, and everyone so finely dressed!

Lithia Black said...

Wow, the pictures of you really turned out nice!


Anonymous said...

Fina foton! (Det sista hade en verkligt härlig vinkel dessutom.)

Isis said...

Lauren: Thank you! Yes, in general our socirty have good standard in their clothing.

Lithia: They did! ANd it's all your doing, which I plain forgot to give you credit for. Sorry!

Lady Augusta. Visst är det!

Madame Berg said...

I wish I didn't have to work that day!

The pictures turned out beautiful. It seems you had a very nice day!

And to cast Janne as Gustaf III? Well, that's almost as good as Colin Firth as Mr Darcy! :D

Rowenna said...

Lovely!! That brilliant red is stunning on you :) My group needs to come up with more excuses to wear nice clothes--we're always in grubbies! Loitering about the garden in silks would be a divine way to spend an afternoon, I think!

GentlewomanThief said...

Such lovely photos! You look so pretty and serene in your photos (even if you are wearing daring red!) and I'm really impressed with the staying power of your hair powder.

And you've gotta love the boob shots, lol!!

Janne as Gustaf III is perfect... I did some reading about his assassination last year for my writing - I thought it was at a masquerade ball? I wouldn't be surprised if my source was wrong (I doubt English sources get all the details right when they're translated!), I'd like to know what really happened, though - the account I read inspired me to set the assassination in my story at a masquerade ball, so I'm curious to know :) Thank you!

Lauren said...

Wonderful! I love how everyone is dressed accurately. I get so tired of seeing events with seas of farb and a few beautiful gems in the mix. You look great!

Isis said...

Madame Berg: Yes, we missed you! I'll tell Janne you compared him to Mr. Darcy. ;)

Rowenna: Thank you! I do love the fabric in the gown and still wish I could have afforded enough for a full French gown. And yes, you do need to loiter around in gardens too! :)

Gentlewomanthief: Thank you! I think my serenity sits in my eyebrows. ;) I was impressed too- much better than talcum powder!

No, your source was correct- he was shot on a masked ball. His clothes and the assasins mask and revolvers are still preserved at a museum in Stockholm. And the killer actually said "Good evening beautiful mask" (in French) before he shot. Wikipedia isn't all bad in the entry about Gustaf III.

Lauren: Thank you! I think, in general, that my group have pretty high standard when it comes to clothes. It's been around for 18 years and tehre are some impressive collected knowledge in it. :)

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