Monday, 28 June 2010

This blog is on vacation

Four weeks off work and it feels wonderful. I’m now taking son, cats and lots of fabric to the summerhouse in the archipelago outside Stockholm for two weeks. After that we may go to Paris. Internet attendance will be spotty. I hope you’ll have a great July!

Just because it’s much more fun with pics in a journal and because I just had one sent to me, I thought I make a little post about the importance of proper underwear. You may remember a post about my pierrot and how much better it looked with well-fitted stays and a bum roll. Now I can show you the difference between no pocket hoops and with pocket hoops.

This is my velvet wrapping gown worn over stays, but no pocket hoops.

This is the same gown, still worn over stays, but now with the pocket hoops underneath. I think it looks so much better- the gown come “alive” somehow, don’t you think?

(Photo taken by MetalMarianne, though I have fiddled a little with the contrasts)


Rowenna said...

Oooh, the pocket hoops do add a lot! Looks like the gown's being worn the way it's meant to. I have a gown that just wasn't doing what I wanted--until I added a false rump, then it worked perfectly! Funny how the right underthings make all the difference!

Isis said...

Indeed! It's funny how it all falls into place. I did wore this gown without stays when I had my surgery and it looked totally dreadful!

Madame Berg said...

Ooh, what a difference! It's super-gorgeous with hoops.

Now, you have a great holiday, for you deserve one! Take care.

Isis said...

Madame Berg: Thank you! I plan to make a matching petticoat to with it.

And thank you, I will!

Anonymous said...

Hoppas att du får en trevlig semester!

GentlewomanThief said...

Wow - yes, what a difference!

Hope you have a lovely holiday!!! :)

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