Thursday, 8 April 2010

My family is growing

As you may have noticed, I have two sewing cats, Page and Spacecat Spiff. They're both very keen on helping me in all my projects. Page is especially good at counting pins by the simple method of pushing the pinbox onto the floor. Spiff keenly tests corset boning with the arduous playtest.


Well, in three weeks time I will have the addition of three lovely cats, whom I am sure will help me just as eagerly. Let me introduce Mats, Adolf and Frida, aka The Cutest Cat In the World.

Here's Mats kindly being a pillow for Adolf.

And here's Mats having some quality time with Frida.

Frida's blind. She wasn't born that way, but it came gradually when she was a couple of years old. It doesn't daunt her much. It does give her very scary eyes at time, though.

Of course, getting these little cuties comes with a price: ;-)


Lauren said...

Cute babies! Are you getting a man out of the deal too? Is that what you are alluding too? Congrats!

Isis' Wardrobe said...

They have a very nice disposition too! Yes, we are moving in together. :-)

LadyAugstaFredrika said...

Aww! Fem fluffiga godingar!

Anonymous said...

Ah well, I suppose you have to let him in so you can get the kitties :) But seriously - congrats on the cat and man fronts!

Madame Berg said...

I want a house full of cats too!

Isis' Wardrobe said...

Lady Augusta: Ja, jag kommer antagligen bli alldeles matt av deras kombinerade gullighet...

Gentlewomanthief. Alas! ;-) But I think I can live with it- the plan is forever. :-D

Madame Berg: Well, we don't really know if they will get along, yet...

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