Thursday, 25 October 2012

Planning a Victorian circus outfit

Fräulein Frauke Presents is less than a month away and I have at least decided on my costume and bought the fabric. Now I just have to sew it together. I have decided to go as a line dancer, happily noticing that they look rather sturdily built in the 19th century. I plan to make a version of this costume- a boned bodice with a pair of short and puffed bloomers.

Emily Schadel

Leona Dare

Poster for Leona Dare

Miss Farrinton

Nice colours, yes? Dupion silk from Cheap Fabrics, the green for the bodice, the rose is for the bloomers.

The bloomers ought to be pretty easy to make, but I do worry a bit over the bodice. I must make a pattern myself; there is no getting around it. I strongly suspect that I would need to alter a bought pattern so much that it will probably be easier to make it from scratch anyway. I hope I can get it to fit properly, though.

The Trapeze Artist Standing on Her Trapeze by Jules Garnier

I also need to get a small parasol. Can’t be a proper ballerina without a parasol, can I?

Speaking of line dancers, if you want to know a little about a real Victorian ballerina, read the tragic story about Elvira Madigan and her lover Count Sparre at Rags of Time.


Unknown said...

I'm just finishing a similar project. It's been so much fun to work on so I hope that you have an equally fun time. I love the two colours you chose.

Emma Litton said...

Ohh it sounds like it'll be wonderful! I love the idea the victorian circus outfits are so amazing to look at.


Myrtha Meadows said...

Kul att du kan komma de här gången - utan lunginflammation... :) Själv skulle jag egentligen ha jobbat den lördagen, men eftersom jag ofta missar så mycket tack vare att jag jobbar lördagar, bestämde jag mej helt enkelt för att ta ledigt! :) Ska bli kul att se din kreation! Syns på kalaset! :D

Isis said...

Elizabeth Snider: Oh, do you have any pictures? I would love to see it!

Emma Litton: I hope it will be- I'm currently rather struggling with the bodice.

Miss Meadows: Ja, det kommer att kännas väldigt konstigt att festa och vara frisk... Helt rätt beslut att ta ledigt tycker jag!

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