Saturday, 10 March 2012

Makeup inspiration for Fraulein Frauke

It’s Fraulein Frauke tonight and I’m finishing my dress and thinking of makeup. The theme is a mix of The Belle Époque and the Roaring Twenties and though my dress is Belle Époque I will shamelessly borrow the makeup from the early 20’s with very dark eyes, drooping eyebrows and a small dark mouth. It’s very far from my usual makeup, so it will be fun to play. After digging around I found a few pictures that I think are excellent inspiration.

Theda Bara

Pina Menichelli, an Italian actress. I love her eyes!

This is supposedly Louise Brooks, but I'm not quite sure. Good view on the eye-shadow, though.

Gloria Swanson

Constance Bennett

Clara Bow, the ultimate It-girl.

I also found this modern interpretation that I quite like, found here.

(Picture sources:


Elsa said...

I love that make-up look! And I can confirm that it is Louise Brooks, you can tell for sure by looking at her eyebrows:) (but she looks a lot different without her bangs down) See you tonigth!

Isis said...

Yes, you are right- but she really look different without bangs!

Lisa said...

I love these looks! The last one looks just exactly like the year 1930 Bette Davis. I'm so inspired, thanks for sharing!

Isis said...

Lisa: I'm happy to provide some inspiration! :)

DLM said...

The one you note might be Louise Brooks definitely is; she didn't always have those iconic bangs! :)

Isis said...

DLM Yes, it probably is, though it really alters her look with no bangs!

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