Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Belle Époque masquerade costume

Well, I had planned to make the clover costume, convinced that I had a lot of cotton sateen in the right colour. However, when I dug into my stash I realized that I didn’t have quite as much of it than I thought. What I did have, was yards and yards of dark blue polyester sateen. Not the greatest of material- it was left over after making theatre costumes years ago, but the colour is lovely. My friend Lithia had already decided to make a version of the star costume and we decided that I could make one too. I have silver fabrics at home, so I’ll use that instead of gold. I’m keeping to my plans of making the bodice with drawstrings as I had already made the pattern and don’t feel I have the time to make a fitted bodice anyway. I’m not going to make the star apron and collar; instead I will make a belt and choker by my own design. I’m keeping the star fascinator, though.

I’m making the skirt simpler too, more in style with this one:

Then there are the sleeves. I’m not altogether enamored with either of the clover and star sleeves as I’m not very keen on puffed sleeves. Looking though a lot of pictures on Anna Held there are sleeve variations- I really like the version above with straps that fall down on the arm, but the most common seem to be a simple strap.

There are other versions too and I like them too. A simple shoulder straps would be very simple, but perhaps I should do something more fancy.

I think Anna Held was a very attractive woman!


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Absolutely STUNNING!
(makes me want to go home right this second and sew!)

Have a creative day!
Collage Pirate

Augustintytär said...

She definitely was. Killer curves. And I like the strap idea. Single or multiple. I have a feeling your dress is going to be a real showstopper.

Isis said...

Mimi Foxmorton: Nice to be inspirational! ;)

Augustinytär: yeah, she was quite famous for her figure and talked very warmly about her corset. I hope the dress will be as I visulaise it. :)

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