Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The masked ball at Kalmar castle

I had a great time at Kalmar. The castle is lovely with beautiful baroque rooms, the food was excellent and the company great. Perhaps some of the costumes weren’t the very vest 18th century clothes I have seen, but there were enough truly beautiful ones to make up for it. Unfortunately neither I nor my darling felt we wanted to lug around our big camera, so we only took a few pictures of each other before the actual ball begun.

One of these days I’m going to make a matching petticoat, but I’m still very pleased with this outfit and my antlers.

Look, relatives!

The dance group Menuettakademin danced the four seasons, the theme of the ball. It was very nicely done, each season got their own dance, with appropriate tempo and their costumes were so well thought out. I especially loved the spring faun.

(I nicked the picture fromthis article. )

Here you can see some of the dancing.

A friend of mine had made a quite spectacular gown- for once a truly grand panier. I have no photos, but here is a short video of her.


Anonymous said...

Vad trevligt ni verkar ha haft det! (Om jag inte vore så dålig i sociala sammanhang, då hade jag övervägt att komma.)

Du behöver inte gråta över att du inte hann färdigt Robe de couren, för den kostym du fick på dig tillslut är inte dum den heller. (Din andra hälft är förstås också väldigt stilig!)

The Zany Housewife said...

Oh Isis...I just love your costume! It's beautiful! And that castle! Definitely not something I get to see much living in the States. I don't think we have anything that quite compares.

Augustintytär said...

You were a glamorous couple!

Lillgull said...

O vilken fin hatt med horn! Väldigt höstigt och roligt :). Gillar den pälskantade "överklänningen" (vet ej den tekniska termen) är det sammet?

The Dreamstress said...

Oh how fun! You both look gorgeous! I'm madly in love with your darlings outfit! A guy who will dress up! And in baby blue! I love it!

As for the not best 18th c outfits - we all start somewhere!

Rowenna said...

Love Love Love! I adore!your masquerade elements--love the antlers. My 18th century friends and I keep talking about getting a masquerade together sometime....but of course we don't have a castle (!) to host it in :) We might have a willing plantation house--shall see :)

Isis said...

Lady Augusta: Tack! Och nej, jag var inte ledsen- jag gillar mina horn :)

Zany: Thank you!

Augustintytär: Thank you!

Lillgull: Tack! Jag är väldigt förtjust i den själv. Man kan göra mycket med papperslera... Man kan nog säga överklänning på svenska, eller omlottklänning- mösntret kommer från en bevarad engelsk klänning som beskrivs som "wrapping gown"

The Dreamstress! Thank you! Yeah, he likes dressing up asmuch as I do. :) He is wearing the gala version of Gustaf III's national suit.

Rowenna: Thank you! Oh, a plantation house sounds very nice indeed!

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