Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The very very late blogaround

I must confess, last week I totally and completely forgot about the blogaround. And somehow I didn't get around to do it this monday either, so you may spank me with a wet noodle.

I'm actually having an awful february, which began with a nasty cold that developed into an even nastier nasty bout of laryngitis. This is the third week I'm on sickleave and I'm climbing the walls. I'm forbidden to speak and it really makes you feel isolated! So if you have some lonk you think I would be interested in, please, give it to me! I'm in sore need of entertainment and cheering.

And I do have some links for you too:

Couture Allure writes about the fashion company Lilli Ann, which at least I had managed to miss before.

Diary of A Mantua Maker gives us a overview of the 18th century polonaise.

A tutorial in making a pair of Regency shoes.

The Lady's Resource Site is a blog that links to various articles and blogs regarding fashion history.

Deriana gives the cutest overview over the history of the Tudors you'll ever see.

And Casey of Elegans Musings has made the cutests 30's underwear.


Anonymous said...

Hej !

Har du sett Jill Salen´s bok "Corsets: historic patterns and techniques" ?
Så kan du i alla fall dregla lite..
hälsar Ludde

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Thanks so much for all the links!! I'm glad to find your blog, I'm a new follower!

Isis said...

Ludde: Sett, köpt och dreglat... :)

Carrie: Welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the links!

Virginia said...

Thanks for linking to my site! I appreciate it. :)

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