Monday, 18 January 2010

Nothing perks you up better than thinking about clothes

I’m going to change how I post about ongoing projects. As I tend to let things rest, a project can take very long time to complete and posts about progress are irregular, and also, I think a bit boring to try to follow. I’m going to make them filtered posts at my Livejournal- I don’t seem to be able to do that here. If you want to read them, then you need to friend me there, sorry. Then, when I’m done, I will put my previous posts together (with appropriate editing) as I did on my 12th Night outfit. I imagine that will make for much more interesting posts about my clothes. Those posts will be public, of course, as will my general costume bleating. And if I need advice, of course.

I can as well mention, that if you want to read entries on my life apart from sewing, then those are at Livejournal as well. My personal life isn’t that exiting, anyway. Anyway, my LJ-profile can be found here:

My immediate costume plans at the moment are underwear. My stays are now a little bit loose when laced shut, so new 18th century stays are needed before I make anything 18th century. I also need new shifts, both 18th century and medieval. And, lucky me, when I went through a box of fabric fro weeding, I found 5 metres of white linen, perfect for shifts. I had no idea I had it!

I have a card-system for my fabrics. I put a sample on a card, notes how much it is and in which box a put it. I find it very useful! Well, this linen slipped through the system- probably because I felt that I couldn’t possibly forget about all that fabric… Obviously I could, which made for a very nice surprise. I’m glad I found it before I bought new linen, though!

Several of you suggested making a very fitted medieval shift for support. I think that’s a good idea. I need something instead of a bra, or there won’t be any medieval clothes for me, and a fitted shift sounds like it could fit the bill.

As for a medieval gown… At first I though about going as simple as possible, “just to have something” and as I quite like the 12th century, a gown from that period seemed like a good and rather speedy solution. However, then bookwyrm linked to pictures of the Moy bog gown and I kind of fell in love.

It’s something about all those buttons that speaks to me. So at the moment, that is what I planned to do. I’m NOT going to buy fabric for it until the shift is done, but I can dream. Wool definitely and probably blue. I like blue, especially the blue you get from woad.

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