Friday, 23 January 2015

Plastique Fantastique pique nique

Jean Hagen in Singin' In the Rain (1952)
If you ever feel the need to don a shiny white 18th century wig and dig some poly satin and panne velvet, then you should come to Stockholm on August 22. We are planning to have plastic fantastic party, 18th century style, where bad taste is the best. Princess seams, back lacing, modern corsetry and, most important of all, bad wigs, are for once a must. I for one want a pink wig.
Lucille Ball in Du Barry Was A Lady (1943)
A festival och ginormous wigs and maids in mini-skirt.

As for clothes I haven’t decided yet. Some years ago I made a pair of 18th century stays in black PVC that I have never worn, that would probably fit the bill. (I had a new stay pattern to try out and I wanted to test sewing in PVC). But what to wear with it? I have PVC left for a petticoat, but perhaps I should try to match J who wants a suit in purple panne velvet? Decisions, decisions…


Ebay do spit out one lovely after another, doesn’t it?

Empress French Marie Antoinette 18th Century Royalty Enigma Costume Wig

Thy Wicked Court Costume Wig Adult Colonial Gothic Marie Antoinette Ghost 18th C


Julia Ergane said...

Oh, my, how truly awful these things are ;-)! Film costuming has gotten better, though we can still catch the occasional glitch.

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

Oh Lord, it's all going to be very hot in that lot in August! hehe

Rowenna said...

I LOVE this idea! Some friends and I have joked about having a "farb party" in which we embrace the best of the worst our era has to offer--I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with!

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