Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Come and sew 17th century with me!

As you may remember I recently joined the Manuscript Challenge on Facebook in the hope of finally making a medieval outfit. I thought they idea of the challenge were excellent, you choose a picture, upload it and from the date you do that, you have one year to complete the outfit. So I asked Maria who created the challenge if I could borrow her idea for a 17th century challenge and she very kindly gave me permission. So I have started a 17th century sewing challenge, which you can find here. I hope you will come and join me in creating a fabulous 17th century outfit! The rules are Maria’s, though slightly tweaked to fit into the 1600’s.

1. Choose one picture from a painting, print or similar. The picture must be in color. Time frame: The 17th century, 1600-1699. The picture must be an original; a later interpretation/re-drawing does not count. An extant garment can also be used. State your image source. Choose carefully before you decide what image to use, since you will have less time to complete your project if you change your mind and pick another picture later on. You are allowed to use a painting/garment even if someone else has chosen it already. 

2. Publish your image and tell us which outfit (if the image contains several) you plan to make. Create a photo album for your particular challenge. The first image is the image you have chosen to recreate. In your album, add pictures of your creative process. Ask for help if you need it, we are happy to help.

3. Create your outfit according to the wearer’s outfit, as shown in the picture. This means the entire outfit! You are not allowed to mix and match garments worn by different individuals appearing in the same picture.

4. Let us in on your progress! You might upload pictures of how you proceed, or notes on your thought process. You can also blog about it!

5. Ask for help, tips and advice if you feel the need and wish to do so. We’re all here for you, to support you if necessary, and to cheer you on if you get stuck.

6. It’s entirely up to you whether you wish to use plant-dyed, hand-woven fabric, or polyester. The idea is to recreate a visual copy of your chosen image. Your level of hard core technique and materials is up to you. You set your own goals here – we do not judge or look down on anyone due to their choice of project execution mode.

7. You have one year to finish from the day you upload the picture.

Bonus – No rules, this section is optional! 

8. How long does it take? It would be interesting to know how much time you spent working on your project. 

9. What did it cost? Did you work from scrap fabric found in the trash, or did you splurge on the most expensive silk you could find? How do our budgets differ?

And here is my chosen picture:

A Young Woman at Her Toilet with a Maid by Gerard ter Boch, 1650-51, Metropolitan Museum


ZipZip said...

Dear Isis,
Oh, how neat! The 17th century has fascinated me since I read The Three Musketeers and its sequels as a teenager...

Sure wish I could take part, but am full up, partly with sheep fleece, partly with kids, partly with...well, you get the picture.

Will, however, follow progress with great interest!

Very best,


Ren said...

Such a wonderful idea! I'll definitely would like to take part. I love 17th century and I've always wanted to sew some beautiful gown from that period... Maybe it's good opportunity to finally bring this dream to life :)
Btw, I your blog is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Question, please: When reproducing the entire outfit does that include using the same colors? I've never attempted 17th century clothing before and in most of the paintings/images I've seen the clothing colors are definitely yellow-based, which makes me look like the proverbial "death warmed over", but I can go with whatever the answer is.
BTW - I agree with Ren: amazing and inspiring blog.

Isis said...

threadingthroughtime: Including the same colours. That is a challenge for me as well as I'm notoriously bad at re-creating a garment. What kind of gown are you interested in? Perhaps I can help finding something that isn't so yellow.

Isis said...

Ren: I hope you do! And thank you!

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