Saturday, 10 May 2014

An article about 17th century hair

Lady Margaret Tufton by David des Granges, 1638-1650
Some time ago, in February, I approached Your Wardrobe Unlock’d and asked if they might be interested in two articles about 17th century hair and makeup. To my delighted surprise they were and the first article went live today. I feel quite exited, I can tell you! The subject is the woman’s hairstyle that was popular for the whole mid-part of the 17th century where the hair was put in a chignon in the back and the side hair was hanging down around the ears. In my article I go through the key variations of it and also how to set and style a wig. The next article that will be up next month, is about makeup during the same period.

You can read, if you subscribe to Your Wardrobe Unlock’d, here.

I have also become an affiliate to Your Wardrobe Unlock’d and Foundations Revealed, which you can see on one of the side bars. This means that if you clock on one of the banners and then sign up, I will get a fee. My blogging have never been about earning money and I honestly don’t except that I will get any for this, I do it to help these sites survive as I really feel that they are excellent resources and that it would be a shame if they disappeared

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