Thursday, 26 September 2013

New shoes

A couple of years ago I bought a pair of 18th century shoes from Harr. It is a German company that makes shoes for theatre, film and dance and they make the shoes after your own measurement. They have a large number of styles, and then you can choose material, colour, shape of toe and heel as well as heel height. The blue shoes I bought are now my most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I'm very particular about my shoes and Always know what I want, which makes it hard as what I want usually isn't available in the stores. So I decided to order a pair of brown shoes from Harr and now they are here:

20-11 Lace-up shoe with perforation
Or rather, they are at the store were I ordered them, I'm still not well from my bronchitis and can't pick them up until I feel better. And though not planned, I have now also another pair of 18th Century shoes from them:

18-19 Ladies tongue shoes
 They are the same model as my blue ones, though the heel is a bit lower and the toe more pointy. My friend Anna had bought them and then sadly realised that she can't wear heels anymore, so she asked if I was willing to give them a new home. Which I was, of course! Though they are not made for my feet, they still fit me very well, and as they are made of leather they will shape themselves after my feet and fit even better. I'm currently using them at home to walk them into shape.
My very blue shoes

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