Friday, 27 April 2012

A new blog on 18th century beauty

After some consideration I have decided to start a new blog: Madame Isis’ Toilette, for posts about 18th century beauty and makeup. It may seem excessive as I have several blogs already, but I plan to work my way through as many beauty recipes as possible from the time and a special blog would keep my research sorted for easy access both for myself and for others. It won’t be a high volume blog, but if you are interested in 18th century beauty, then I think it may be worth following. And please, if you know someone else who is, spread the word around.

The look and content is very much as it’s beginning right now, so excuse the current boring look and lack of posts. It will change.


The Dreamstress said...

Cool! I've only barely ventured into 18th century beauty, but I know your research will be impeccable, and it's fabulous to know it will all be there in one pace when I do get serious. Thank you!

Isis said...

You are too kind, Dreamstress! :)

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