Sunday, 15 January 2012

Saturday, er, Sunday blogaround

A friend of mine had her 50th birthday bash yesterday, and an 18th century one to booth. So yesterday I was a bit too busy hunting out my clothes, ironing them and doing some neccesary repairs to blog. I had great fun and really wish I had brought a camera. I hope I can borrow some pictures from friends, because there were some truly beautiful clothes to be seen. Especially a French gown that I think is the most beautifully executed 18th century gown I have ever seen- and I have seen some outstanding examples.

But here are a few links to this weeks most inetresting blog entries.

The Lingerie Addict debunks a few myths about corsets.
Wearing History gives us a nice resource overview of fashion history studies.
Tuppence Ha'penny is havinga a colour theory week. Several great posts about an interesting subject.
An introduction to hairstyles in 1912 from American Duchess.
A stunning 18th century hair as weall as a Frencg gown at An Historical Lady.


Madame Berg said...

Yay for nice links when you're under the weather! I'm so sorry I missed the birthday bash but I always get sick when there's fun to be had. So I too hope for pictures from those who were there :)

An Historical Lady said...

Thank you so very much for the lovely mention in your post, I do appreciate it! (I am the '18thc. hairstyle and gown a la francais', An Historical Lady)
Kindest regards,

Lauren R said...

Thank you, my dove! I plan to try out some of these hairstyles and do tutorials in the next week or so :-)

Lauren said...

Thank you for including me blog in your blogaround :)

Treacle said...

Thanks for sharing!

Isis said...

Madame Berg: Yes, I missed you. You have to be well for the masquerade!

An Historical Lady & Lauren R & Lauren: My pleasure! Always nice to find nice posts to share!

Treacle: Thank you!

Sanna K said...

Wow.. I don't understand why I wasn't reading your blog evenm though I thought I had started reading it ages ago! Well now it's fixed! :O

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