Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Short stays

I have just drooled over a post in corsetmakers on short stays.

Don’t you think that I need one? Considering that I have three outfits from the 1790’s alone. This is more than for any other decade of the 18th century. I’m still in a total funk when it comes to 18th century sewing, but stays are always fun. And as I still can’t finish my 1780’s stays due to the missing should piece… Imagine, a pair of stays without tabs!

I am sewing anyway. I’m almost done with a fifties pencil skirt in grey wool. I just need to hem it.

I need hair advice! I have cut my hair into a forties middy-cut, so now it just tough my shoulders instead of halfway down my back. I'm having a wig made for a 1780's hair, but what to do for the 1790's. Curl it madle and wear it- how? I have never researched shorter 1790's hair. Anyone with a good picture?

And just because a post if more fun when there are pictures in it.

Doesn’t she have a most gorgeous red hair? She must have been quite brave not to powder such unfashionable haircolour away. And isn’t the collar on the dress ugly?


Kleidung um 1800 said...

One can never have too many stays and short stays are always lovely for a quick project.
Who's that girl in the picture? She's beautiful! Gorgeous hair indeed!

Rowenna said...

Your hair sounds adorable! Pictures? Perhaps you could curl it and pin it up in that soft halo-esque fashion--I have curly hair, and no matter how short it is it looks like there are piles when I put it up.

Very lovely hair on the girl in the picture. Perhaps she was known for it--too pretty for the unfashionableness to hurt her overmuch--so didn't powder it as a trademark :)

Madame Berg said...

Soft ringlets and something turban-ish? I might have some inspiration pics for you, if you like I can post them to the forum or on FB :)

American Duchess said...

Hrm, 1790s - maybe a softer, shorter version of a hedgehog, so still the ringlets and the long tendrils down the back. Also, tying scarves around the hair seemed really popular.

I just made a pair of short stays, so I'm looking forward to seeing yours! Post pics!!

Isis said...

Thank you for the suggestions. I think I have some pink taffeta left from making my sash, so perhaps I could make something out of that.

The portrait is by Philip Reinagle, but it's only called Portrait of a young woman.

Kleidung: Exactly! When in doubt, make stays. :)

Rowenna: Pictures will come when m camera decides to co-operate... (I need a new battery)

Madame Berg: Please do!

The Dreamstress said...

That portrait is amazing! There were a couple of 18th century redheads who refused to powder. If I recall Mrs Fitzsimmons was a redhead (more strawberry blonde) and was famous for going unpowdered. She was furious with Reynolds for adding grey hair to her portrait at the last minute.

Isis said...

And Marie Antionette, who was not red, did make orange-red briefly fashionable. Quite shocling it was. :D

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