Monday, 5 October 2009

Having had a very nice weekend

At least I had a great time holding my lecture. It seemed that my audience enjoyed it too. No nig boo-boo’s, if you don’t count the moment when the ribbon in my pocket hoops gave way and it suddenly was on the floor, and not on my hips. The blame on that is on Spacecat Spiff, who seems to regard string and ribbons as things he is to chew on- and through... I also got a little rushed for time, which at first surprised me, as I’ve been doing this before. But I had two models this year instead of one, and of course that filled up more time. I had quite a bit that I didn’t have time to mention, but I guess it’s better than the opposite. You know, when the speaker say about 20 minutes before the end that well, that was all s/he had to say and any questions?

One thing I really wanted to say was this, though; did you know that Madame Pompadour had several pair of drawers made of black, knitted silk?

I’m going to write a post about doing the make-up, but as I want that to be as good as possible, I won’t rush it. It ought to come later in the week, though.

I didn’t have time to go on more than one lecture than my own, but that was a dancing lesson. A lot of fun, though I had danced all of them before, though my legs ache a bit today. Always nice to be able to practice a little. I would like to go on the 18th century cooking class, one day, and the minuet class.

In the evening we had a little Salon, but I was very tired and didn’t stay long. It was very nice as long as I stayed, though. And Kristinehof has turned into such a wonderful 18th century house now. It was also fun to be able to talk with Lithia Black in person and I hope she didn’t find the dress I lent her too unbecoming. I should have taken a picture of her. And I should have had someone to take a picture of me, but I didn’t. But here is a very nice picture of the evening that sets the tone very nicely:



Madame Berg said...

I have pictures of you "in class" if you would like to have them (taken with my phone, though) :)

I enjoyed your lecture very much and time *DO* fly when you're having a good time.

Isis said...

If you could send them to me, I would apprciate it very much! I assume you have my mail at the forum. :-)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Lauren said...

It sounds like you had fun, except for the little wardrobe malfunction :-) Love the picture.

Isis said...

Lauren: It was. Exhausting, but fun.

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