Monday, 7 September 2015

What I'm working on

I haven’t posted much this year because I haven’t sewn much. All the joy in sewing just disappeared and it was only this summer it started to return. But I’ve actually finished something:
A 1940’s style handbag (still in need of a last ironing). It will match an unlined coat which is halfway done.

I’ve also started an embroidery project, which will probably take some time:

The pattern is from a jacket in V&A, only that one is embroidered in silver. I’m taking a liberty in using blue silk thread, but it’s a period correct thread; Gilt Sylke Twist in Popyngay.
I’m also working on a working pattern for a pair of 17th century stays.Merging my shape with the patterns for the pink stays with sleeves from V&A are a bit of a trial. I’m on toile number three now, but I’m going to make it in cardboard as the fit seems fine but I want to make sure all the angles work. I also plan to make a mantilla. I don’t need more projects, I know, but the extant mantilla I have the pattern from is dated to 1690-1710 which would give me a quick 17th century appropriate garment and also one that doesn’t required more than token lacing. Also, I found a white/silver brocade at Pure Silks that I had to have… (The black is also for the mantilla, the pink taffeta for a 17th century petticoat.) I need to tweak the pattern a bit, though.
And I’m making a fontange cap to go with it. Not a very big one and a chance to use some of the lace my grandmother made. Next step is pleating the standing part and attach it to the cap.

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Sanna K said...

So sorry to hear you haven't been able to enjoy sewing! I really know how awful it can be, having had the exact same situation for almost a year or so. Similarly to you again, I only began enjoy sewing in the summer. Such a relief! I'm glad you're back at making things and look forward to seeing your progress on these and other new projects! :)

Rowenna said...

Glad you're back :) I hope sewing is bringing you some joy!

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