Monday, 24 August 2015

It's plastic and it's fantastic

The party where historical accuracy is anathema. A couple of friends and I have been talking of having a plastic 18th century party for ages, and this year we finally managed one! We were about 20 brave souls who dived into the wonderful world of plastic, PVC and polyester and a very good time we had.

I took a lot of care into my makeup and wig. Note the attention to the oh so important details like a lot of eyeshadow, visible hairline and rosebud mouth. There was some drama when I realised that the glue to my false eyelashes had dried out, but I decided to be brave and go anyway.
Crushed velvet is underrated- I think J looked great in his breeches and waistcoat. One of these days there will be a matching coat, but I think wearing the waistcoat open like that added panache. The wig was styled after watching Amadeus. I had hoped to make myself a red velvet gown as well, but time didn’t permit it. Luckily I had a dead dinosaur in the attic and paired it with a pair of PVC stays I made years ago when I wanted to try out a new stays pattern and test sewing in PVC. Nice to finally have an opportunity to wear it.

The guests approached their inner bad taste in different way. Some, like me and Lovisa, went for correct shape in the wrong material. She won our costume Contest.
Some looked like they were ready to be extras in an Adam Ant video.

Plastic bags came to good use.
As were old curtains, back-lacing and a complete disregard for proper lacing.

Gentlemen did the right thing and either skipped the coat or the waistcoat.
Bright colours were THE thing.
We also had inflatable plastic pigs for the proper La Petite Trianon-feeling.

Johanna was the most elegant, I think. Wearing a battleship on her head was actually pretty elegant. You can see more pictures here. And Åsa, who sadly couldn’t come, show her outfit here. And here is a whole slew of fantastic pictures by Helen.


Julia Ergane said...

'Tis actually an aircraft carrier and quite a magnificent array! I see that much bon hommie was had by all and 'twas too bad that I could not afford to go 1st class to meet all you lovely people! The Colonies are sweltering right now, even us in Nova Britannica do not know how much longer it will last. Winter will be welcomed be me with open arms.

Loren Dearborn said...

I adore this, what a wonderfully fun and COLORFUL party!

MrsC (Maryanne) said...

What fun! Together you look like the guests at the banquet in the middle of Plunket and McLean meets the original Poldark and Hunger Games. That's quite a feat! xo

Kleidung um 1800 said...

OMG!!! What fun!!!

Isis said...

Julia Ergane: Yes, of course, an airdraft carrier. :) Not quite sveltering here, for which I'm glad- I was hot enough as it was with all that plastic!

Loren Dearborn: It certainly was colourful! I felt quite mundane in black and putty.

Isis said...

MrsC: Oh, that must be the best comment ever! It was just about that we strived for!

Kleidung um 1800: It most certainly was!

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